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securing the drug supply is a mission-critical activity

This corporate site continues the personal blog started by Mark Davison at The foundation of Blue Sphere Health was based on the observation that the world is not an equal place when it comes to healthcare security. Not exactly a Sherlock Holmes insight, admittedly. Anyone who has travelled to the developing world will have seen “prescription drugs” for sale to all comers with no questions asked. There is an urgent need to do something about it, before the scourge of fake drugs in the poor world becomes a global pandemic. Fear is a powerful force: if people don’t trust their medicine then they stop taking it, and their health suffers. People in rich economies who have never been in contact with fake drugs will have their wellbeing affected in this way if a cluster of counterfeits breaks out and uncertainty takes hold.

At Blue Sphere, we take a wide view of the problem before zeroing in on the potential remedies. We don’t claim to be a “solution provider” – if there was a quick fix then it would have been applied by now. We are not a technology vendor, although we can advise on technology choice. What we do offer is global pharmaceutical security experience, deep strategic insight into the drug industry and its commercial drivers, and a determination to do something positive about counterfeit health products.

We can work with you on serialization initiatives and supply chain security, with our extensive knowledge of the various legislative and regulatory initiatives around the world. The compliance map is getting more complex in pharmaceutical logistics and we can help you to orient yourself to the key points.

We also understand the critical importance of authentication in today’s supply network. We cannot rely on codes to protect our products – we need other ways to validate genuine items in the event of fraud, duplication or error in the coding and reading processes. The huge variety of authentication technologies available can be confusing but we have the knowledge and experience to sort the merely decorative from the truly effective.

If you would like to discuss your pharmaceutical security needs, in complete confidence, please contact us.

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Pharmaceutical Anti-Counterfeiting

Combating the Real Danger from Fake Drugs has become a must-have primer on anti-counterfeiting and is widely used by drug companies, regulators and others. The book covers the legal, strategic and political issues as well as the technical counter-measures such as process control, digital serialisation and physical security.

Pharmaceutical Anti-Counterfeiting book