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Pack Codes and Medical Outcomes

We are strong advocates of outcome-driven pharma. Putting the patient at the centre of their own care. We now have tools such as mobile phones (which are really pocket computers) that enable us to do things that were impossible even five years ago. This isn’t just “mobile health” for its own sake. Poor quality content on a phone is just smaller. We are working with a number of partners to develop solutions that add real value to patients by making their interaction with medicines more intuitive and informed. The pack codes that are mandated by the US DSCSA and EU FMD regulations and their global counterparts will provide an interface to patients via their smart phones. We expect that to provide transformational opportunities for patients and health care providers. The great news is that the developing world will benefit too, as smart phone uptake accelerates even in poorer countries.  Expect more news from Bluesphere in this space soon.

App Development

We are working on an exciting project to bring tangible benefits at the patient/pack interface. After remaining unchanged for decades, packaging is getting digital. The health benefits won’t be quick but they will eventually be huge.

What’s Next?

The near ubiquity of basic phones in developing markets and the rising penetration of basic smart phones (with cameras) means that mobile health delivery is being pioneered in these economies. The new ideas and insights gained will eventually filter into developed markets and change the way we deliver cost-effective health outcomes. We are working with academic partners on how disruptive technologies will shape healthcare supply chains of the future. We’re also helping pharmaceutical companies and software partners to find new ways to help patients and increase revenues. Don’t get left behind. Contact us today.

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Pharmaceutical Anti-Counterfeiting

Combating the Real Danger from Fake Drugs has become a must-have primer on anti-counterfeiting and is widely used by drug companies, regulators and others. The book covers the legal, strategic and political issues as well as the technical counter-measures such as process control, digital serialisation and physical security.

Pharmaceutical Anti-Counterfeiting book