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The UK Department of Health now requires NHS Trusts and supplier organisations to use GS1 Standards in their supply chain. This will improve patient safety and deliver the efficiency benefits that implementation of these global standards offers. Implementing the necessary changes requires not only a significant amount of work, but a thorough understanding of how GS1 Standards work. Healthcare has some additional requirements and regulations that retailing does not yet require. Use of the GS1 system and its standards is a contractual obligation. For most organisations this will mean training and some form of accreditation or certification in order to prove compliance. Bluesphere has expert consultants who can provide GS1 know-how, training (individual and groups), advice, planning and implementation to ensure your organisation is prepared for compliance in a professional manner. Our consultants have many years of experience and qualifications (GS1 examinations to Advanced Level). We have also worked on GS1 standards bodies both writing standards for Healthcare and implementing them through major hospital pilots and trials as well as on pharmaceutical production lines and with contract packing organisations. If you lack experience of such implementations and need help, we have web-based training modules and support that can help you understand the technical issues. Our consultants can help you create your own plans using expert guidance. We provide individual or group support (both on a one-to-one or seminar approach). We can also provide remote information provision and support (i.e. coaching). Contact Us today to get started (and stay compliant).

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Pharmaceutical Anti-Counterfeiting

Combating the Real Danger from Fake Drugs has become a must-have primer on anti-counterfeiting and is widely used by drug companies, regulators and others. The book covers the legal, strategic and political issues as well as the technical counter-measures such as process control, digital serialisation and physical security.

Pharmaceutical Anti-Counterfeiting book