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We partner with organisations who can provide high quality, cost-effective software tools to help you to solve your challenges in digital health, serialisation or product security management. Our serialisation services can be used with any vendor software, but you’ll get extra value using our Level 4 solution. Contact us for details

Report and Prevent Counterfeits with the Same Tool 

We now provide and help develop specialist software to enable the discovery, management and reporting of potential counterfeiting incidents. Developed by our partner Integritie, the Knowledge Capture™ platform is already used in many industries to bring secure coordination tools to brand protection teams. It uses IBM’s i2 architecture and optionally can integrate with iBase evidence management databases, as used by law enforcement and many large companies.

Bluesphere Added Value

Bluesphere is working with Integritie to add new functionality that specifically addresses the challenges of combining preventive measures like serialisation and artwork features with reactive enforcement. These powerful new options will further strengthen the position of the Knowledge Capture™ platform as a key interoperable management tool in the fight against counterfeiting.

Why Do I Need It?

Almost all products are faked, so all brand owners need to manage that challenge. Knowledge Capture™ works in any industry vertical. If you’re in the pharmaceutical industry, your company may be working on a high profile serialisation project as part of compliance for the Falsified Medicines Directive (EU) or the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (USA). Less well known aspects of these new laws specify the need for efficient (immediate or next-day) reporting of known or suspected counterfeiting incidents to the authorities. This means that almost-real-time knowledge management is crucial. Excel spreadsheets, updated every quarter, won’t cut it any more. The Knowledge Capture™ suite lets you keep on top of this requirement without fuss or major expense.

Key Features:


You don’t need trained analysts to input data and generate reports. Our software streamlines your workflows and allows you to do much more with the same headcount. It brings professional brand protection tools used by global brand giants into the realm of the smaller company.


Most of the functionality you’ll need is there right out of the box, but we’ll work with you to make it fit your specific way of doing things.  That’s where Bluesphere adds particular value. We know brand protection inside out.


The software can reside on your own servers, in your private cloud, or in our secure cloud.


Knowledge Capture is cost-effective, especially compared to the cost of hiring analysts to do the same job. Pricing is SaaS-based with a simple monthly or quarterly fee.


You don’t need a PhD in computing or weeks of training to be able to use the software. It’s simple and straightforward to use. You can delegate input tasks and free up your time for more strategic activities.


We and Integritie are building links and plug-ins that will further extend the ability of supply chain partners to share information within and between their organisations.


This software is used globally by one of the largest brand owners in consumer goods. It is based on IBM architecture known and trusted by law enforcement worldwide.

Don’t Risk Your Corporate Reputation

Poor management of a known risk is just bad business. We can help you to keep your eyes open and your brands safe. Contact us today to arrange a web demo or a visit.

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Pharmaceutical Anti-Counterfeiting

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